Biodegradable Handle

Our design team created a high quality ergonomically correct handle made entirely out of bamboo. The bamboo is heat treated to carbonize the surface of the bamboo, giving it a quality finish and good service life. The carbonization finishing process provides water resistance and prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria and mold) during normal use.
It has a natural grip that is not slippery when wet, and is slender to fit in most all bathroom holders.

Our Panda
China’s Giant Panda consumes the soft bamboo shoots, stems and leaves as its main food source. The Green Panda toothbrush honours this environmental mascot in our logo. Because bamboo is so abundant, sustainable and renewable our use does not impact on the food source of the Giant Panda in fact they do not like the MOSO bamboo.
BPA-Free Soft Bristles  Nylon#4 fiber bristle :
Although not perfect, Nylon#4 will bio-degrade, it's the best alternative we could find that people would actually use (we continue to explore a better alternatives)
Bamboo charcoal is processed under high temperature, heating produces 8~10 times more delicate holes on Bamboo charcoal than a charcoal from normal wood; hence it has better properties of absorbing any impurities. It also has a natural antiseptic effect for even greater cleanliness effect.

We eliminated much of the plastic so commonly used as packaging in the industry and replaced it with post consumer board, free of harmful dyes and inks. (We currently are exploring plant based plastics to use as our clear window, There are no other secondary plastic wraps inside the box)

Toothbrush Lifespan
Our ecological bamboo toothbrush will last just as long as a conventional plastic toothbrush.

True Sustainability
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Because it contains naturally-occurring antimicrobial agents, there is no need for using fertilizers or pesticides during its cultivation.

The Bristles:
The bristles contain charcoal reactive ion which can easily absorb the dental plaque on the surface of teeth to make teeth healthy.
Our contoured bamboo charcoal enhanced bristles can go deep into the various gaps between the teeth for deep cleaning, the soft bamboo charcoal enhanced bristles with super adsorption capacity takes care of gums and protects them from injury while brushing.

Moisture proof, Antibacterial
The bamboo charcoal enhanced bristles are more moisture proof and antibacterial than normal bristles which can help to keep the bristles dry, keep away from bacterium breeding, leaving the mouth more comfortable, healthy with clean, and white teeth.

Why only SOFT:
That is an easy one to answer - Most dentists will only recommend a SOFT bristle, that is why...Why create more stuff..

The Handle:
We use MOSO bamboo - why - because bamboo is part of the grass family so we are not cutting down trees - MOSO Bamboo is one of the fastest growing bamboo’s in the world and our friendly PANDA’S do not like to eat it.
We do not use PLANTATION Bamboo we give the local farmers an income from land that is really only good for growing Bamboo.... And YES they are manufactured in CHINA - FAIR TRADED which means everyone gets a fair go and a fair pay.

Why do we use Bamboo?
* Bamboo is stronger, lighter & more durable than plastic
* Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial
* Beautiful & unique design
* Bamboo is naturally biodegradable Plastic is not

A Greener Brush?
* Bamboo is a 100% natural renewable resource
* Bamboo grows back within a few months and to full size in 3 years -
* Bamboo grows naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers
* Bamboo is 100% biodegradable
* Smaller carbon footprint
* Bamboo is the eco-friendly alternative to Plastic.